Textile Design

12 patterns from the 1st collection, 12 patterns from the 2nd collection, and 4 new patterns from 2021 are being created as the 3rd collection to distribute music albums. This site mainly sells fabrics.




Monochrome beauty drawing illustration drawn with a brush pen or digital drawing. This site mainly sells art print works with edition numbers.




Goods for the calico cat character "Lilou Calico" are on sale. Lil Calico is a small calico cat with a small onion head. For some reason, I was on my way out of my house with my partner's traveling mouse.

三毛猫キャラクター「Lilou Calico/リルキャリコ」のグッズを販売中。リルキャリコは玉ねぎ頭の小さな小さな三毛猫ちゃん。訳あって、相方の旅ネズミとお家を抜け出し旅の途中。


Collage Art

A three-headed humanoid collage work named Collage Humanoid. Acrylic art with edition numbers is on sale on this site. This is a transaction start with "NFT Art".