Artwork Shop "Atelier Coloring Plan" is an online art workshop. We sell original products that can only be obtained here, such as original fabrics that can be purchased from 50 cm and works of art with edition numbers. In addition, in consideration of the global environment, we deliver all items on a made-to-order basis with our manufacturing partners in order to eliminate over-production, wasteful inventory, and discarded garbage. Products can be delivered all over the world. 

Artwork Shop「アトリエ彩飾庵」は、オンライン上のアートワークショップです。50cmから購入可能なオリジナルファブリックやエディションナンバー付きアート作品など、ここでしか手に入らないオリジナル商品を販売しております。また、地球環境へ配慮し、商品の作りすぎや無駄な在庫、破棄されてしまうゴミを無くすため、ものづくりパートナー様と受注生産で全てのアイテムをお届けしています。商品は世界中へお届け可能です。



2009-Started business as a pattern design studio focusing on client work. We provide designs for various media such as apparel, fashion accessories, interiors and character makers. In 2018, we will develop original products centered on fashion accessories such as yukata, washcloths, bags and pouches. 2021 Completed client work and product item development. The atelier decoration "plan" was changed to the atelier decoration "hermitage" and renewal start as an online small house art workshop.




Keijiro Shimizu
After belonging to a company as a graphic, textile design and planner, he started freelance activities in 2006. He mainly works on textile design as an illustration and character design. From 2009, he works as a textile designer as a client work under the name of the pattern design studio "Atelier SAISYOKUAN". In 2020, resumed the production of illustrations with the corona wreck as a notch. After completing the client work in 2021, he is managing the art workshop "Atelier SAISYOKUAN" and creating works.

清水 敬二郎



  • 2006 Started activities as a freelance illustrator based in Osaka
  • 2009 Dedicated to textile design work with his shop name "Atelier Coloring Plan"
  • 2010 Concurrently serves as a coordinator as a contracted business of Osaka City
  • 2011 Also serves as a PR planner for a restaurant business company in Kitashinchi, Osaka
  • 2012 Tsutenkaku official character 3rd generation Billiken character design
  • 2014 Seconded to Senshukai (Belle Maison) as a textile designer
  • 2015 Moved base from Osaka to Tokyo and expanded his activities
  • 2018 Atelier decoration plan original products, product development
  • 2019 Atelier decoration plan "POP UP STORE" in Takashimaya, etc.
  • 2020 Resumed illustrations in the wake of the Corona disaster
  • 2021 Finished client work and started operation as an art workshop
  • 2006 大阪を拠点にフリーランスのイラストレーターとして活動開始
  • 2009 屋号を「アトリエ彩飾案」としテキスタイルデザイン業務に専任
  • 2010 大阪市の受託業務としてコーディネーターを兼任
  • 2011 大阪北新地の飲食事業会社のPRプランナーを兼任
  • 2012 通天閣公認キャラクター3代目ビリケンさんキャラクターデザイン
  • 2014 千趣会(ベルメゾン)へテキスタイルデザイナーとして出向
  • 2015 大阪から東京へ拠点を移し活動の場を広げる
  • 2018 アトリエ彩飾案のオリジナル商品、プロダクト展開
  • 2019 アトリエ彩飾案「POP UP STORE」in 高島屋、ほか
  • 2020 コロナ禍を切っ掛けにイラストレーションを再開
  • 2021 クライアントワークを終了しアートワークショップとして運営スタート



  • 2006 Tokyo Fashion Week 2006 ss Handbook Open Call / Grand Prize Winner (1/3,000)
  • 2006 Amuse Artist Audition 2006 / Hankyu Gallery Award Winner (Award Winners Exhibition)
  • 2015 ~ 2020 Exhibited at gift shows, ROOMS, and Creator EXPO exhibitions
  • 2019 Original character Lilou Calico "Nikkei MJ" posted
  • 2006 Tokyo Fashion Week 2006 ss Handbook 公募 / 大賞受賞(1/3,000)
  • 2006 アミューズ Artist Audition 2006 / 阪急ギャラリー賞受賞(受賞者展)
  • 2015 ~ 2020 ギフトショーやROOMS、クリエイターEXPOの展示会に出展
  • 2019 オリジナルキャラクターLilou Calico「日経MJ」に掲載